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Lindy Gullett, Ph. D., went on a mission to interview powerful female founders taking decisive action during the coronavirus pandemic, and what started as a one-story piece became a series of inspirational writings about leadership through adversity.

Wana’s own CEO, Erin Beck, was featured in Ms. Gullett’s opening piece, Great Female Founders Act Decisively During Crisis.  Erin talks about Wana’s quick pivot to insulated care networks and digital care breaks:

“It was scary going into that because we didn’t know the outcome. We just knew that it was the right thing to do. But in the coming days, a new path became apparent.”

She also puts a shout-out to investors carving out their own pivots:

I appreciate investors who are finding pockets in their portfolio to do small funding amounts. The amounts might be small, but they keep people afloat … The investors who are finding that within their means, thank you.

But there’s so much more! Ms. Gullett showcases four fascinating female founders and makes the mighty case for putting huge support behind women-led companies.  Read it all here.

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