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Crain’s Cleveland Business has been providing news to Northeast Ohio’s executives and business owners for over 40 years, and this week they featured Komae and Chief Marketing Officer, Amy Husted, on the front page for our work rising to the challenge of providing childcare for families during COVID-19.

Amy talks about Komae’s joining with Wana and Sitster in 2019, saying:

“To bring that collaborative effort together … has been really powerful and is going to help us grow faster and stronger.”

Then Crain’s talks details of Komae’s COVID-19 childcare programs, like free care points and matching volunteer families to essential workers. Amy explains:

“We honestly believe that doing the right thing and collaborating with the right people is ultimately going to make you the winner in the end. … I think that by doing the right thing and by giving away the points to the families who need it, we build brand loyalty and trust, which is what we’ve always been about.”

Finally, they were joined by our beloved advisor, Heather Hall, Entrepreneur in Residence at JumpStart, who shared:

“The speed of going from family-focused ‘nice have’ (like babysitting) to scrambling all of the resources and driving forward something that can be really meaningful at an incredibly emotionally significant time, I have to give props to this team.”

We truly couldn’t be prouder of this team, every one of them supporting their own families while also supporting the thousands of families in the Wana Family Network. And we’re in it to the end!  Read the whole story on Crain’s.

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