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Emi Couple brings short, daily reminders to help people maintain happy and meaningful relationships in this busy world, and Wana CEO Erin Beck sat down with Emi for their #EmiTogether series about founders and the loves they’ve found.

Erin shares that she and her hubby, Jose, fell in love fast, and they carry that no-nonsense certainty into sharing care for their daughter.  She’s four now, but it was those first months dealing with their baby’s nasty reflux that really shaped how the next years would play out:

“We held her, day and night, for eight weeks. Jose took the day shift, I took the night shift, and we would do a “shift handover” report at 6am and 6pm … It was exhausting and ridiculous, but we simply settled into what had to be done, and those long overnight hours cuddling my tender, sleeping (crying) baby, in steady lockstep with my partner, are some of my most precious memories of those early days as parents.”

They still embrace whatever needs to be to get the job done, especially with two parents often working overtime.  Together, they find the “smart and happy” positives:

“She is on and off the tablet whenever she likes, cuddles on my shoulder into the wee hours, and giggled until she fell over throwing her dinner noodles at the wall. We ended up running a whole science experiment on how to get the noodles to stick better. Her storytelling of daring made-up superheroes is endless, as are her stickers-on-everything projects.  She has this amazing time to self-actualize, and it’s fascinating.

But what is Erin most excited about in the years ahead?  “Growing older,” she says:

I am in love with the ways we change over time, inside and out, and that we get to share those transformations together. We’ve traveled the world, jumped out of airplanes, played Shakespeare, run cows, launched rockets … now we’re at this place in our relationship that is just as dynamic, but in the quiet ways.”

It all comes back to being the example Erin and Jose hope their daughter’s relationships will look like in her future:

“That we love each other deeply, say it every day, and show it every way.”

Read how Erin and Jose spend their anniversaries, how they craft their daily schedule, and what Erin finds most exciting about their #adulting relationship in the full interview on Emi Couple.

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