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TechCrunch, the formidable reporter of all things tech and business (just ask their 10 million Twitter followers), recently featured Wana and our Komae app as a notable childcare startup leveraging technology to tackle COVID-19.

Alongside fellow FamTech Collaborative Members Winnie, Kinside, Helpr, and WeeCare, Wana CEO Erin Beck explains how Komae’s quick pivot came naturally:

“We knew Komae had the tools to make that happen, so with social distance at our core, we adapted for insulating or digital caresharing.”

Within hours of major state-wide school closures, Komae started receiving requests from healthcare centers to utilize Komae’s closed babysitting circles. That program quickly became Komae’s hallmark support structure.  Says Erin:

“[It] means families from one organization can insulate their caregiving strictly among themselves, getting the care they need without risking exposure to the community at large (like our grandparents or other traditional caregivers).”

And we must give equal care to our families at home, and Komae enjoys coaching families on digital care breaks and playdates. Erin continues:

“I never imagined my toddler could be so entertained by her friends on a computer screen, but they amazingly go an hour showing each other their toys and silly faces. That social connection, for all of us, is so essential.”

It’s hard to believe that just two weeks ago, Wana was asking all of its families to take a pause while we worked together to plan the next safest steps forward. The company and community shifted smart and fast, and now we have the tools to thrive again.

It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make as a founder, because as a parent myself, I was painfully aware of how desperate these families would be for both care and companionship. But ‘adhering to social distance’ was not a given then like it is now; we had the responsibility as a leader of this vast community to be firm with what needed to be done.

Read the full article on TechCrunch here.



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