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Dear Families, can you believe how much has changed in a week?

One thing hasn’t. We are all depending on the caregivers. Nurses doing nights in hospital tents, teachers engaging toddlers for video storytime, parents holding down the home while working, playing, preparing, wrestling, and definitely not cleaning or sleeping … we need you, and we are you.

Last week I made a lot of commitments, and one was to keep up. We at Wana are changing every day so we can bring you the best of what you caregivers need to get your job done.

And here we go!

1. Great care starts with self-care. Do a digital swap!

Need a half hour break? Just to do the dishes, take a call, or … breathe? Call on the Village. Ask (or offer!) for one parent to help entertain your kiddo for 30 minutes on video. Read a book, search for shapes, dance to music. Just a little moment for yourself – and that deeply supported feeling when you share the care – can make all the difference.

2. Staying home doesn’t mean staying alone

Open up your Village and schedule a video playdate! I was amazed how much two tiny kids had to talk about (especially with dragon-head filters). Or sometimes they don’t talk at all, just sit next to their devices comforted by the companionship of parallel play.

(A friend said to me, ‘Instead of social distance, I want to call it physical distance.’ Because there’s no more important time than now to be social!)

3. Still working? We hear you, and turns out closed babysitting circles are … kinda perfect.

Our healthcare workers can’t stay home. Neither can grocers, bus drivers, or mail deliverers. There are so many parents we are depending on to keep the world around us moving, and we’re doing everything we can to support you the way you support us.

How do you get childcare while maximizing physical distance?

  • Use a private (“closed”) group on Komae or Sitster.
  • Fill that group with parents from your workplace who share the same exposures as you.
  • Swap only within that group.

This way, you get the care you need from the friends you know and trust, at no cost, while limiting opportunities for the virus to spread to the community at large.

Our guidelines for sit safety will keep evolving, and we’re always here to answer your questions.

Here are some quick reminders:

  • “Buddy up.” Choose only one or two families to swap with. Make sure each family is otherwise practicing strict physical distancing.
  • Do the “distance drop-off.” Don’t linger at the door, parents. Let the kiddos cross the threshold on their own.
  • Don’t worry about running out of points. If you run low, just ask us for more on the house.

I’m really proud of us. Nothing about this is easy, and you parents are rising above it all. One day, when our kids have their own kids and can look back and see us through those parent-wise eyes, I hope they remember this time and how magical moms and dads (and helpers and friends and aunties and grandparents) can be.

In solidarity,


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