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Psychology Today has published every two months since 1967, and with a current readership of 3.7 million, we were thrilled to fill an important niche for the working-at-home parent: asking for help.

Wana CMO Amy Husted and advisor Heather Hall shared their tips on getting work done while both you and the little ones are sharing the house.  Heather starts with getting real and sharing your space with your co-workers to get done what needs to get done:

“Take the Post-it note off your webcam and use the webcam. What did you do in the past 24 hours, what are you doing in the next 24 hours, what are you stuck on, what do you need help with?”

Heather shares funny stories of the “visual cues” she uses to tell her son when it’s not a good time for interruptions, like pasting a big poster of Obi-Wan Kenobi over the door. But she is clear that breaks are important, communicating that a short time every couple hours to play with the kids can set the balance for everyone.

But what about when you absolutely need a helping hand?  Amy talks about using Komae’s closed babysitting circles for insulated family-to-family care swapping:

We are encouraging people to maintain social distance and figure out a way to swap care safely … buddying up with just one family to limit exposure. For healthcare workers, buddying up with someone who also works in healthcare, perhaps with a shift opposite to yours.”

Read the full article (especially Heather’s tips for Only 5 Questions!) on Psychology Today.

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