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A lot sure has happened in a week!  Read my update here.

Dear Wana Families,

We have always been about bringing people together.
Whether it’s getting Kids Startup Showcasers together to share their projects, hosting in-person interviews on Millennial Fam, or supporting the 25,000 families around the world who come to Komae and Sitster (and our friends at Helpkin) to trade free babysitting, Wana exists to be a celebration of real-world community.

COVID-19 is changing the way we do that, and I want to share important updates and how we came to those decisions.

Immediate and firm social distancing is critical to slowing the spread of coronavirus. Babysitting swaps are … not exactly social distancing. We thought really really hard about how to handle the fact that the core function of Wana is cooperative childcare, and what it finally comes down to is, during this time, we cannot and do not recommend that families continue trading in-person care, particularly in communities most acutely affected by COVID-19. 

What made that decision so difficult is that we know living without childcare is not a reality all families can afford, especially as schools and daycares temporarily close. For that reason, we will continue to provide the Komae and Sitster tools you rely on. Families running low on Komae points will have access to free top-ups. When breaks in social distancing are unavoidable, we will do our best to not let tools, time, or cost be additional barriers to the care you need.

If you identify as one of those families (or communities) in need of extra help, please read Amy’s letter to Komae.  

As for us, the team is working from home, events are exclusively video conference (or the future), and the needs of our kids are dictating working hours (it’s 2am right now, just saying). We are making the choices that are necessary and without compromise.

I am a mother and a wife and a daughter, and I am scared.  Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not okay to feel. Use itChannel it like the superhero that you are and make the commitment to overcome it.

I commit to being present for my family. To laughing with our daughter’s goofy games and cherishing our cloistered time together that we so often say we have too little of.  

I commit to being engaged with this work that I love. To channeling the max of our creativity and resilience into supporting our team and our users remotely.  

I commit to being informed. To adapting thoughtfully and rapidly, no matter how hard the course, when verified sources issue new guidance in their earnest effort to keep us safe.

Our mission at Wana is to empower parents, and in case no one told you yet today: you, parents, are powerful. You are the foundations of your families and the heroes of your children, and you are that everyday, even when you feel powerless, because that is what love does. We take the best we have and do the best we can for our families, our communities, and ourselves, and that matters.

What each of us does next will be personal, impactful, and varied. At Wana we commit to being fearless to change. We will help to define what it means to support your Village and manage work-self-family blend in these circumstances that are new to all of us. (And we may ask for your help to share with others what that means for you.)

From Erin, Amy, Audrey, Shar, Laura, Adam, Darci, Noemi, Schuyler, Linden, Emilie, Gene, Bryan, Jose, Rob, Heather, Stepan, Mark, and all the members of the Wana family, we are grateful to be a part of your lives. Thank you for being our Village. Keep giving, keep receiving, and keep saying yes. (Because really, what gifts better than an, “I’m thinking of you,” and what says yes like some fabulous jazz hands?)

All my best,

Erin Beck
Founder & CEO

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