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We’re pretty proud of the story of four moms coming together to make babysitting free for everyone.  But what if at the same time, there was a solo guy with a cat in Santa Monica thinking the exact same thing?  And what if that guy saw his struggling parent friends ditching all the fun nights out and said, “I have to fix that!  For them, and my cat!” 

Enter Helpkin!  It’s the LA-based app for helpers that’s been helping real-kid-mamas and fur-kid-papas swap care, rides, and walks since 2016.

Shar and I shook hands online before either of our platforms had even fully launched, and over the years we’d compare cheeky notes anytime Komae did something great (which was, like, all the time).  But even though we lived in the exact same city, we never met. 

I’ll say it.  I was totally scared of him.  We had the same idea in the same town and I had a lot of learning to do as a founder before I learned that #collaborationwins.  Then Wana and Komae joined forces.  Then I got this awesome message.


We had lunch.  We talked for hours.  We were both theatre kids, loved Disneyland, followed our hearts above all else, and could have been great friends all these years!  We didn’t know what would come next, and we didn’t care. 

Good things come from friendship.  That’s enough.

Months later I get an urgent message from Shar.  He’s bursting with excitement and needs to meet right now!  We fly across town, worlds converge, and now we have burstingly-exciting news to share!

(Another thing I learned that day, the beautiful value of the space you leave in your day to be able to say yes when someone calls you.  How often do we allow ourselves that gift to give?  Serendipity lives there, all curled up cozy with affection and solidarity.)


Helpkin and Wana are teaming up!  Shar is an expert in beautiful design (have you seen their media kit?) and high-impact partnerships (like Ingenium Schools, LA Dads Group, and Single Moms Planet), and as part of the Wana team, we’ll be able to multiply his awesome work throughout the entire Wana Family Network.  And we’re out to activate the helpers, all those heart-smart grandparents and neighbors who may not have littles themselves but just love to help out (and get some cool Komae gifts from time to time!).

Erin! Amy! Audrey! Laura! Shar!  By our powers combined, we are … CAPTAIN FREE BABYSITTING!

(Haha, I couldn’t resist.  Nor can I resist shouting out to our entire huge Wana team – and YOU – for keeping all this possible!)

Welcome, Helpkin!  As Shar would say, “Let’s use technology to bring us back together.”  Together, we’re gonna bring back a whole lot of date nights!

(Are you a Helpkin user? Let us help you jump into Komae here.)

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