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Four women – an engineer, a lawyer, and two stay-at-home moms – three coasts – UK, US, East and West – and above all, five children. We couldn’t seem more different, and we couldn’t see more the same.

Each of us said, “I need help.”

And, “Then I will help.”   So Sitster was born, and Komae, and Wana.

Wana was two weeks old when I chased my giggling then-one-year-old out of a West Bridgford street and into the cutest children’s clothing shop.  I wish I could remember the name now so I could tell them how adorable she looks in the just-couldn’t-resist color-changing rain coat she finally fits into this season!  So excited was I about my new project that I also couldn’t resist sharing just the tiniest bit with the sweet shop owner …

You never know when that one person is going to say that one thing that changes everything.  She said there wasn’t one owner, there were five!  One mom wanted a shop.  She knew she couldn’t do it alone (and be the mom she wanted to be).  So she co-oped the shop!  One mom for every open day of the week.

Yes!  I stared out a sunny bay window in Kensal Green doodling ideas for the Wana logo (funnily unaware of the kindred Sitsters already swapping sits all around me) and musing over the collective we would one day foster.  Wana would be built for job-sharing, for everyone, even me.  Parenthood is not our career liability; when we create the companies to champion it, it is our greatest opportunity. 

And now we are four!  Erin of Wana, Amy and Audrey of Komae, and (announcing!!) Laura of Sitster.  We’d known each other a week and were already making playlists!  To quote Amy’s anthem …

We are coming of age.  This is not a phase.  Here comes the change. 


Erin, Amy, and Laura celebrate the join of Wana, Komae, and Sitster.

Since Komae and Wana teamed up last summer, there are more families sharing more care than ever before … and those of us that build the app, we are so gosh darn happy.  It just feels good to work with the people who love the Village as much as you do, enough that you don’t have to love it all alone.

And it’s not just us.

We joined as a leader in the FamTech Collaborative, the coalition born of Tendlab and Kinside that includes the CEO’s of UrbanSitter, Winnie, Lovevery, and 50 other family technology companies committed to, “with generous spirit, raising the tide for all ships.”

Competitors are now allies.  Can I tell you how incredible it feels to break bread and gush Disneyland with Helpkin’s Shar, headquartered just a hop, skip, and a highway from Wana?  At Komae we say, “Be the village.”  That. That is being the village.

It’s then that I met Laura.  You know instantly when you meet Laura why Sitster has been so successful.  She resonates with pure and dedicated sincerity, for Sitster, for her kids, for all of her big big jobs, for everything.  Oh please, I thought, please yes, can we do this together?  You are good people, madam, and there is most definitely magic in good people joining good people.


Wana, Komae, and Sitster teams break bread and bond as friends in London.

This time it isn’t days of the week we’re sharing … it’s the phases of our lives.  We set out to be entrepreneurs because it is the best way, in our time, to serve.  To effect the impact we can’t rest without, to fulfill the togetherness we yearn for with our families, to nurture self-development with a challenge that changes every crazy day.  And in that time, we learn, we grow, the world evolves around us, and we find new callings, more and more until one day, it becomes clear that we have new ways to serve, and it is time.

Dear Sitsterhood, welcome to our Village!  Dear Laura, welcome to our team!  We couldn’t dream for a more expert advisor, and we are ready to steward what you started.

Let’s do this!

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