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DAME Magazine aims to “shine a light on the stories that need to be told, from perspectives that aren’t heard enough,” particularly issues affecting women.  Wana CEO, Erin Beck, joined DAME is discuss the urgent need for support of working mothers.

Erin describes her first year of motherhood, just before she started Wana:

My little girl was my top priority, and everything and everyone else came next, which really meant not at all. I thought I was being the best mom I could be, but I felt so mediocre.”

Erin had spent a couple weeks back in her pre-baby job, but though the workplace was incredibly supportive, it still didn’t meet her needs for being near her daughter, and she quickly transitioned to stay-at-home mom:

Women, and for this case, mothers, have gained public vocal support for returning to work as equals in the workplace, but how do we really support the logistics of that? For a working mother with young kids, the boundaries of her schedule are set by the start and end times of her children’s care. And for a new mom, her physical responsibilities to her [breastfeeding] baby are nearly continuous throughout the day, pumping for 30 to 60 minutes every 2 to 3 hours to sustain healthy milk production.”

Now as a business owner, Erin relishes getting to create that working environment specifically catered to parents:

I hire as I would wish to be hired. Everyone works remotely and at whatever hours work for them. We take great advantage of tools like Slack, GitHub, and G Suite that make building close-knit, effective teams of remote workers very realistic.

Beyond building the business she herself wishes to work at, Erin sees accommodating (and celebrating!) parents in the workplace as an inevitable requirement:

This is the growing expectation of the modern worker, and a company must either adopt the policies and technology to make it happen or be surpassed for talent by the companies that do. Because I mean, really, if I’m going to choose to spend time away from my family, it had better be for something really important. And if I’m going to be away, I’m not going to let a moment of that go in vain, so you’re getting me at 200 percent.”

Read more on the emergence of these powerhouse employees in the full article on DAME.

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