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When You Signup for Wana, We Donate to Reunite Families

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Featured, Wana FamClub, Wana News

UPDATE: Thanks to you, Wana Families, we contributed $258 to the RAICES fund for uniting families!  #togetherwecan

Wana is families helping families.  We come together on the belief that it’s okay to have everything, but there are families at our doors who have lost their everything.

So for every new family that joins Wana – for free – through July 21, 2018, we are donating $3 to reuniting families separated at the border.  (Details and terms below.)

Becoming a parent changed me.  I never knew I could love someone so much.  I never knew my priorities could be so clear.

I know it’s cliché, and it’s cliche for a reason, because when we all become parents we all experience that same cataclysmic transformation in our own personal ways.

And so when I say that I read about mothers and fathers losing the sight, touch, smile, smell of their children and I that feel weak, empty, burning hot and icy cold at the same time, I know that I’m not alone in those clichés either.

This is a little something we can do.  Share this with every friend you have with kids.  Signup for Wana – again, it’s free – and we donate $3, at no cost to you.

Donations will go to RAICES, you can see their fundraising page here.

Read the full Additional Terms here.  This promotion is limited to the first 1,000 new members, so signup quick and let us give a <3 on your behalf.

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